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ESGParivartan stands for bringing about positive Parivartan (Change) in Environmental and Social Governance. Our aim is to rediscover, revive and preserve the rich and diverse ancient cultural practices from across the length and breadth of India. We believe that only sustainable way forward is by taking a step back and searching the past for inspiration. We are doing our bit towards ensuring that these inherently sustainable practices are not lost to the sands of time. After all, the best environmental and social practices can be adopted only by inculcating them at the grass root level – every individual, every household, every school.


Our founder, Atharv Diwan has a passion for environmental protection. Born in January 2006, Atharv is particularly interested in learning more and spreading awareness about the sustainable ancient Indian practices. Only knowledge can empower people to make better choices and become responsible global citizens that the world needs. With the help of educational digital content, he wants to make the rich cultural knowledge of our ancestors easily accessible for the society at large.

He strongly believes that everybody’s involvement crucial for driving a positive change and protecting our environment. He is a vocal advocate for climate action in India, actively campaigning for strict new laws for pollution control and mandatory climate change literacy in schools. With ESGParivartan, Atharv hopes to use the digital medium to help set up a framework in schools across the country.

Guided and inspired by PM Narendra Modi’s COP26 commitment for climate change, he wants to ensure that the upcoming generations are a part of this revolutionary movement. To achieve this, He is also working on a framework that can quantify each citizen’s contribution towards sustainability called the ESGrating. By establishing an inspiring and award-based framework like ESGrating can motivate people from all walks of life to join the mass movement towards adoption of sustainable practices.

Atharv Diwan