Our Project

Reconnect with our elders

As the world deals with global warming and the irreversible effects of climate change, we must return to our roots looking for answers. Our elders are a treasure chest of knowledge about ancient cultural practices. In this unique initiative, ESGParivartan reached out and spent time with the senior citizens out and about in the society parks and living in old age homes. The idea was to make them feel heard while also learning more about the sustainable traditions and practices that had environmental protection at heart.

Feeding the strays

What started as a necessity because of the pandemic has since become a collective initiative for ESGParivartan. During the long months of lockdown, members of our team started feeding the stray animals in our locality. We collected food and installed water pots in different places, encouraging others to join the efforts. Eventually, several residents of our society started doing it regularly and it has become an ongoing ESGParivartan project ever since.

MY Bicycle

Ours, and several other residential societies in the vicinity have several bicycles, lying around unused in the parking lots. Upon conducting a thorough survey, we found out that on an average, each home has two such bicycles that can be put to better use. We started a project called ‘MY Bicycle,’ wherein we collect such bicycles, do the necessary repairs, and donate them to the underprivileged who cannot afford to purchase a new one. 


One of the biggest challenges that the world is facing at the moment is that of building sustainable practices for environmental protection. This goal, however, cannot be achieved by the efforts of a handful of people. Every individual must contribute to the cause by doing their bit. To ensure mass participation in the sustainability drive, we are working in an IT enabled answer – a framework that measures and awards the sustainability efforts made by individuals. Based on the concept of social and self-governance, ESGrating will also provide the citizens an incentive to keep up with the good work.